Apply Now is the latest software innovation designed to make the residential tenancy application process easier for both Property Managers and Applicants.

Property Managers


It's easy

Just type information into fields, and upload or attach external documentation like driver’s licence, passport and references.

It’s convenient

Complete the document in your own time in your own space. When you’re done, just press Submit, and it will automatically be returned to the agent.

It’s a time saver

You can save the application and submit it for other properties (where Apply Now is used).

Property Managers

More efficient

The electronic format means no more cumbersome paper forms (bad hand-writing and missing pens). And you’ll only receive applications from the applicants you’ve met and approved.

Much quicker

Don’t waste time inputting (or re-keying) information. Apply Now fully integrates into REI Forms Live, including transposing information from a Tenancy Application into a Lease Agreement.

Legally Compliant

Relax knowing that forms are legally compliant. Apply Now is tailored to the legal requirements within each state: the only software of its type to have this feature.

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